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Self-Care Educator & Breath-worker

Carla McGreevy


Connected Breath-work & Embodied Flow Yoga


Slow open mouth connected breathing, with no pause between exhale and inhale to support deep healing in the body and mind.  It is a 30 minute practice with specially chosen music. 


By bringing conscious awareness to the breath, we give more energy to our bodies' innate ability to heal and restore. This is a powerful practice to transmute emotions, especially stress, anxiety and grief. It connects you to the wisdom + intelligence of your body bringing clarity to who you are, your passions and desires. 


The next Breath-work practices will be held on:

Friday 25th March 6pm-7:30pm &

Friday 1st April 6pm

Please book these classes directly with Carla.





Carla McGreevy is a Self Care Educator and Breathworker. 

Carla teaches sunrise/sunset yoga + cold water dips, online women selfcare courses and has recently finished an intense 9 month breathwork facilitator course.  


Carla’s shares practices to connect those who are disconnected from their bodies, femininity, their emotions back to these highly intelligent guides, that hold the medicine you need to bring you back to wholeness.  



“Pain is guaranteed in this life and I offer practices that support you to be with pain. Pleasure takes conscious effort and is often neglected in our busy lives. I help women prioritise pleasure and their needs. Through breath work you can transmute pain, expand any limits around pleasure and experience cosmic states. I create practices that make yoga accessible and relatable to you, for you to experience how powerful connecting and feeling your body and breath can be”.

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