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Melissa Gillespie &
Orla McDade

A journey into your body & heart


Join us to honor Imbloc, a time to plant our seeds of intention and embrace the uncomfortableness that comes with change.


We will start with a gentle yoga flow opening up the body moving to a hypnotic meditation & rest.


Focusing on our intentions and embracing change. No experience necessary, all welcome!


Sunday 29th Jan 4-6pm


Contact either of us to book your place, limited spaces.

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About Melissa & Orla

Hi I am Mel, a registered yoga teacher. For me the practice of yoga is a practice of coming home to ourselves- to connect

in, calm down and create confidence. When we get on our mat each day, flowing breathing and practising presence we can

show up better off of the mat letting go a little more each day.

I look forward to guiding you home.

Hi I'm Orla, a Therapist & Coach offering a range of tools to support & empower your mind.

My favorite offering is my signature blend of gentle breathwork work, light hypnosis & deep meditation to take you

on a beautiful journey where time means nothing. I believe it is vital to take time to slow down in todays frantic world.

I look forward to guiding you.



Looking for more information on celtic calendar rituals and practice?

Let's connect.

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