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Sara Cassells

My teaching style is a blend of Hatha & Vinyasa. Meaning the practice is sequence based. We flow between poses holding each posture for a couple of breaths, focusing on alignment and building strength. There is a strong emphasis on developing breath awareness, improving focus and promoting relaxation. Each class begins and ends with breathwork and meditation where we come into stillness.


Class description:

This four week block will run at 7am on a Thursday from 20th April. Perfect for those wanting to fit a practice in around their 9-5. It's suitable for all levels as I'll offer out variations and adjustments for all poses and students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, and choose what is best for them.

Drop-in: £10

4 week block: £30

Paid via PayPal by clicking 'Book" button.

Write your name in the Notes section when booking please

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Hatha Vinyasa with Sara

Thursdays 7am

Hey my name is Sara. I've been teaching for just over 3 years now and practicing yoga myself for over a decade. I'm passionate about yoga, meditation and self care and the benefits these can bring to our daily lives. Being able to offer out this practice and make it accessible to all is something I'm incredibly grateful for and honoured to do.


Looking for more information on Hatha Vinyasa or to book? Let's connect.

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