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Sara Sarinha

Shakti Kundalini Yoga for Women Workshop Series


Shakti Kundalini yoga for Women (SKY for Women) merges the ancient teachings of Yoga with the ancient teachings of Female Wisdom. 


Women’s womb are a map of hidden secrets and sacred healing.


Each workshop works on a theme that explore our inner world and how that affect us on a day to day basis. With kindness and love we look into these sacred and secret aspects of ourselves. 


We are starting this series with Emotional intelligence. We will explore how Emotional literacy will free us from experiencing stagnant suffering, and gain insights on how to shift these ‘negative’ emotions for a more balanced ones: Empowerment and Bliss. 

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About Sara

Sara is a passionate and committed teacher. She’s is also a Reiki Master since 2010. And she shares her knowledge and wisdom about Women’s wellness as a Female Naturopath and Energetic Herbalist. Sara works as a Women’s Health coach and she’s also a Family Constellation practitioner specialised in relationship trauma, intrauterine-uterine memories and ancestral healing. 


Sara leads the Radiant Women’s Circle since 2011. She’s also a childbirth educator, fertility, prenatal and postnatal teacher trainer and works with pregnancy and childbirth since 2015. She is the founder of Fit4Birth essence and Shakti Wellness Studio.

In November Sara is running the first Kundalini Yoga for Women teacher training. 


Workshop cost £20 and you receive an email with a KY class link + a Self healing practice to keep you in the healing mode after the workshop. 


To book please reach out - or book directly via PayPal. Click here 👉🏻 shaktiwellnessstudio 


My website is

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Looking for more information on kundalini yoga for women?

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