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Jackie Sharkey

Jackie offers Yoga for Menopause courses and classes.

She is a member of the British Menopause Society (BMA), a qualified general & psychiatric nurse, trained family mediator and Yoga Alliance teacher. Jackie brings a pragmatic approach to her classes, embracing both conventional and ancient practices.

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Yoga for Menopause


A class supporting stamina, bone health and muscle strength with a focus on re-energising and playfulness. Especially lovely for women in post menopause who are feeling sluggish, lack lustre, and are concerned about their bone density, pelvic floor and heart health; and wish to ignite energy and vitality back into their lives.


A class supporting relaxation, rest and restore; a calming, slow paced, cooling practice. Especially lovely for women in peri menopause who are experiencing hot flushes, anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm, difficulties with sleep and who wish to regain a sense of balance and ease.

Monday MenoMoon

3 classes

7.30pm -8.45pm

3rd, 10th, 17th October

Friday MenoSun

3 classes

11.30am - 12.45pm

7th, 14th, 21st October

Booking options:

6 classes £55

3 classes £30

2 classes £20

1 class £12

Like the sun and the moon we interchange, we wax and wane.

Please note that All classes are suitable for All women in any stage of menopause.

Our classes are filled with women. So many women begin yoga at a time in their lives when they are experiencing the emotional and physical effects of menopause. They are instinctively drawn to an embodied practice that they hope will provide answers. 

"Womanhood is my Yoga. Whilst western conventional medicine provides many valuable treatments and therapies, we still need to tap more fully into the full potential of our own ability to influence our health for the better. Yoga is such a wonderful vehicle for this exploration.


Woman have instinctively gravitated together for centuries, sharing their stories, offering guidance and words of wisdom. It is encoded in us to gather. My classes offer such an environment, that enables trust, confidentiality and sharing. A place were the needs and cycles of womanhood are explicitly respected. 


Women thrive when they gather. Relationships are central to our health and happiness; we connect to the energy that binds us. When we feel held and supported we can approach the passageways of womanhood in a more positive life on both a physical and spiritual level.  That’s when we grow and flourish. 


Without the wonderful women in my life I would not have learnt so much and thrived’.


Looking for more information on yoga for menopause or to book? Let's connect.

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