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Jessica Samoy Plunkett

I am thrilled to be able to offer Pregnancy Yoga at The Den. I have been teaching Pregnancy Yoga since 2013 and since then, have birthed two babies. Pregnancy Yoga is not only a time to prepare the mind and body for birth, but also celebrate and enjoy the experience of being pregnant. As with any practice I guide, the heart of it, for me, is being and breathing. Being present. Being whole. Being still. Being strong. Being flexible. Just being. Just breathing. 


The word yoga literally means "union". We work on the mat so our breath, body, mind, and heart are in better balance with each other and I find that when all those pieces are in union, the rest of life is too. I hope that as you move with me, we can practice community, bringing to light our own enoughness as we go with the flow on this adventure of Life: constantly changing and shifting. Just remember your breath will see you through it all. 

Pregnancy Yoga is helpful to make pregnancy more enjoyable, to build strength and stamina for birth, and to promote bonding with you and your little baby. The class includes breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and a physical yoga practice. Please don't worry if you've never done yoga before. Many women start yoga specifically for pregnancy and it has so many benefits for pregnancy, birth, and beyond! 

Pregnancy Yoga takes place on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Please contact Jessica for enquiries and booking.

Classes are booked in a block of 3 consecutive weeks. It's recommended that you do the whole block, but if you know that you can't make a week of class, there are options to only pay for the classes you intend to use as unfortunately you can't carry any missed classes over.

Class will also be recorded for you to use again after class through the week or if with the current ongoing Covid pandemic you're not feeling safe to leave home. If you are opting to join via recording only the price is £7.50 to access that. 

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Pregnancy Yoga with Jessica

Wednesdays 7pm - 8:15pm

I am a Yoga Alliance Teacher. I completed my Vinyasa Flow TT with Flow Studio Belfast in March 2017 and before that I completed my Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, and Mum and Baby Yoga TT with YogaBellies Glasgow in March 2013. I have been teaching yoga since May 2013 and my teaching and practice are always evolving. I teach Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, and Mum and Baby Yoga. 

Pregnancy Yoga On-Demand

A collection of yoga practices, breathing techniques and birth preparation this channel is a place where you can dive in to what I offer as a pregnancy yoga guide. I have 2 children myself and what I offer to the mamas-to-be is a balance of strength and openness… strengthening your body, your mind and your heart to support your baby and yourself through pregnancy, birth and beyond… opening your body, your mind, your heart to make space for this new life and all the adventures that will bring… and always practicing with joy and presence… being, just as we are… 


 Mostly, it’s a collection of the live classes I teach weekly at The Den, but there are also videos specific to practicing breathing techniques and a few videos to better understand what happens in birth. The feedback is that those shorter “chats” are great to share with your birth partner! 


There are also a few “quick fix” videos to help with some of the common pregnancy discomforts. 


I want to be of service so if there is anything not on the channel that you’d like to have, please let me know as new content is added regularly. 


And you can “search” on the channel so if you’re looking for “pelvic pain” or “birth prep” or “shoulders” or “hips” you can search and all the practices that have some of that focus will be easy to find.


There is a free 2 week trial on it. It’s a long trial so that women who have been coming to class and are close to birth can access the “extras” without paying more, but if you want to continue to use the channel beyond that, it’s £30 monthly. 


If you have any other questions, please let me know. I am available for chats and questions at any time, just call or text me 07516071171





Looking for more information on Pregnancy Yoga with Jess or to book? Let's connect.

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