Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

January 7th & 8th
February 11th & 12th 2023

The Den Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Foundations Module (30 hrs) 

With Denis Jackson-Wade, Senior Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance Professionals, U.K.  

Saturday, January 7th - Sunday 8th 9am-6pm

& Saturday, February 11th - Sunday 12th 9am-6pm


The Den Yin Yoga Teacher Training:

Foundations Module (30 hrs) will educate and empower you with the methods, expertise and creativity to continue your yoga education or, deepen your personal Yin Yoga practice for your own intrigue and personal enjoyment.

Teaching Yin Yoga requires a level of subtlety, maturity and nuance that goes far beyond

teaching poses or stretching.


This foundational immersion will not only guide you through the key physical aspects of the Yin Yoga practice, but also introduce you to the beauty of 

the philosophy of Yin Yoga, allowing you to teach with intention from the heart.


This 30hr Foundations Module will include:

  • The history of Yin Yoga.

  • The benefits of Yin Yoga.

  • The core “Principles” of Yin Yoga and how to guide students safely.

  • Practice the “Core Yin Shapes”- Dragon lunges, Externally rotated hip stretches, backbends, forward bends, twists & upper body yin asanas.

  • The anatomy of Yin Yoga, which will explore

the difference between functional and aesthetic alignment, 

principles of compression & tension, 

bone variation and how it influences the practice of the individual, 

education on connective tissue, joint health and fascia and, 

the biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, thigh, knee and shoulder.


  • Principles of sequencing; physical target areas, counter-poses and the

significance of Rebound.

  • Learn 6 core Yin Yoga sequences.

  • Using props in the practice.

  • Teaching methodology.

  • Introduction to the principles of Taoism, the Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & 5 Elemental Theory.

  • Introduction to Yin Meditation- the beauty of allowing.

  • Learn how to hold space for self-healing and exploration by your students, as well as teaching from the heart.

  • E-Guidebook- You will receive access to download "The Den Yin Yoga Teacher Training Foundations 30 hr E- Guidebook".

  • Supplementary teachings will also be available online.


Certification and Accreditation:


  • Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive a certificate from Denis Jackson-Wade, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K of The Den Yoga Studio, Belfast.

  • 100% attendance is mandatory

  • This module grants you 30 hours of Continued Education and can be applied to Yoga Alliance Professionals accreditation.

  • Course pre-requisites: While there are NO PRE-REQUISITES, this teacher training is for serious yoga students and yoga teachers looking to advance their career.

Text Books:

  • Required text: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark. You do not have to read this book before the training begins, but will serve as a reference book throughout your teaching career.

  • Suggested text: Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark.

Training Fees:

  • EARLY BIRD PRICING £510 Expires October 31st 2022

  • Regular Pricing £555 paid in FULL or

  • £600 paid in 2 instalments of £300. Instalments are automated and processed  on the day you enrol, followed by the same date on the following month

Terms and Conditions:


  • 25% of the total enrolment fee is non-refunable.


  • Withdrawing from the training with MORE THAN 30 DAYS notice, you will receive 75% of the total enrolment fee refunded.


  • Withdrawing from the training with LESS THAN THAN 30 DAYS notice, you will receive 75% of the total enrolment fee refunded on the condition that either A.) YOU find a replacement, or B.) The Den Yoga Studio is able to fill your spot should there be a waiting list. 


  • All enrolment fees are non-transferable.


  • Dropping out from the training once it has begun results in a 100% forfeit of the total enrolment fee.


  • 100% attendance is mandatory to receive certification to teach.