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Caol McDonald

I discovered Yoga in 2014 through attending an Ashtanga class. With no prior insight into what it would entail, a sense of curiosity drew me in to a system for both mind and body that resonated with me from my first class. The focus it brought to my mind and the physical wellbeing was something I wished to embody further. When I moved to Belfast I discovered Vinyasa yoga, and the intelligent sequencing and fluidity of this style appealed to me. This serendipitously led to becoming more involved with my home studio and under the guidance of my teachers, I was actively encouraged towards my own training. In Feb 2016 I certified in India in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I am a father of three, lover and artist, inspired by myth, nature & yoga. 

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What is TORC? 

TORC ‘Longclass’

Sunday 23rd October 11am-12:20pm

TORC was inspired by the cultural symbolism of what the Torc represented. Freedom & Strength, Freefolk & Warriors.

With the words etymology rooted in 'torquis' meaning 'to twist' it was fitting for TORCs first studio offerings of 'Longclass' to be a twisting warrior Vinyasa inspired practice 


A 'Longclass' is an extended 90min vinyasa practice moving through waves of alternating dynamic & mellow paced vinyasa Torc flows. With a warm welcome drink & time to connect before class ease yourself into your Sunday Morning.

This months offering is inspired by feats of warriors from Myth. A 'Spearflow' builds strength from the ground up, exploring where in the body we can find' spear' shapes, length and reach in the body through  balance & warrior sequences.

Investment: £15 Please email Caol with book


Looking for more information on TORC Yoga or to book? Let's connect.

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